About “Number One Bat-Fan”



Hi!  My name is John and I love Batman.

I’ve read hundreds of Batman comics, I’ve watched the films over and over, played the video-games, worn the T-shirts, and not a day goes by that I don’t have a little Bat on my Brain.


In my world I’m the number #1 Batfan.

But here’s the thing…

YOU are also the #1 Batfan!


And so is everyone else who loves Batman in any form, be it the Animation series by Paul Dini, Alan Burnett and Bruce Timm, the classic Neal Adams/ Denny O’ Neil comics of the 70s, the Dark Knight by Nolan, or the Darker Knight by Frank Miller, or the kooky kitsch and loveable Adam West dancing up a storm in a slanty hideout on Batman ’66.

Or the bizarre sci-fi stories of the 50s, the original Gothic Batman by Finger and Kane, or the revisions by overseer Julius Schwartz.  They are ALL brilliant and fun and add something to the Bat-mythos.

BAt background twit

And YOU add to the Bat-mythos and legend every time you talk about Batman, read the comics, watch the movies and animation, play the games, wear the shirts, or write a Bat Blog about how Batman inspires you every damn day of your life.


You, dear reader are the world’s Number #1 Batfan!  

So come join me and all the other Number #1 Batfans across the globe in their millions and celebrate the Dark Knight, the World’s Greatest Detective, the Caped Crusader, the shadow in the night from the collective unconscious that criminals fear, who isn’t afraid to punch crime in the face, and face life’s challenges head on.

I believe the right kind of Attitude in life is important, at attitude of doing your best and never giving up on yourself or those who depend on you, I call this kind of living BATITUDE. Because Batman is more than a character, he’s an idea, he’s a mind set, Batman is all about BATITUDE

LEgo batman and johnbats 1


A note of BAT-INSPIRATION:  This blog was inspired by three things.

1) My lifelong love of Batman, the greatest fictional character of all time.

2) The book “Wisdom From the Batcave” by Batfan Rabbi Cary A. Friedman.  “Wisdom” is a book I find to be deeply inspiring and motivating in my own life.  It is the tone that set what I wanted to do with this blog, explore how The Batman inspires me (and others) to be a better human being and face life’s challenges head on.  You can find the book in print and in digital format at Amazon.com or click this link.

3) The Podcast “Fatman on Batman” by uber Batfan Kevin Smith, he of Clerks fame, I have been listening to this Fatman podcast along with Smodcast and HBO for several years and love the laughs and stories Kevin has shared through his podcast network.  The name of this blog is inspired by Kevin’s podcast.  You can find his Fatman on Batman podcast on itunes and on his smodcast website as well as sound cloud.  The sub site from smodcast  is smodcast.com/channels/fatman-on-batman

7 thoughts on “About “Number One Bat-Fan”

  1. I recently started reading comics but I’ve been a long time Batman fan. Since I starting reading, my love for Batman and all of superheros only grew more and more stronger. I find your blog very fascinating. I’m gonna read all of it 🙂

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    1. Hey thanks, I don’t like the earlier stuff so much. I mean I’m not saying my articles are terrible, but you look at batblog year one compared to year two you will more recent ones are better quality overall.
      Plenty more cool stuff on the way, have another major article up in the next week or so, not a lot of time lately with work, but lots more articles to come (slowly).
      I’ll be doing more #HTBLB, more Batman psychology type stuff, branching off into sub characters like Batgirl and others, a nice article on Deathstroke (because he’s cool and it’s my blog…) and going to do two major multipart features in the upcoming months on the Arkham Video Game series, and B:TAS (Batman Animated from the 90’s) as they are perennial fan favourites.


  2. Could you do a list of recommended books on the various subjects you cover, books on fitness, motivation, books to learn new skills orknowledge you or Batman would know, or even just books you found inspirational and helpful even if they don’t fall into the above categories?

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  3. Hey, just wanted to let you know that I am loving this site so much. My obsession (started in the last 2 years) with this character has been growing a lot. Some of my family knows I’m a fan and my girlfriend knows I’m pretty into it, but it’s quite a secret of mine that I obsess over it in my personal time. It’s great to have a place to go to see what people like you think and what lessons we can learn and apply from this character. I’ve been confused for a while, thinking it was childish or pathetic, but this website has helped me realize the realness of the power behind Batman and I can finally start focusing more on that. I hope to carry the will and determination Batman has towards my goals and the life I want. Thanks!

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