21 God Damned BATMAN Memes to Tickle Your Utility Belt

A short post today with some of my favourite Batman memes from a collection I keep in a folder on my desktop.

Some of them the jokes are immediately obvious, while others (like the Tangerine Knight meme) are a little more esoteric and you have to have watched “The Dark Knight” more than once to really get it.

Anyhow, let’s get to some BAT-MEMES!

where is the joker 492 billionaires in united states batman meme always be batman 1 always be batman 22 always be batman kid 1

Don’t miss the pink bow on the kids head. Hilarious

always be batman real life sign light etsi

This is a real custom sign that lights up that someone made and was for sale on Etsi. I want it!

Batman vs Galactus batman wins cigarettes infinity gauntlet cancer

One of the oldest Batman memes. The Infininity Gauntlet from Marvel with a little Batman added.

Yeah Morgan Freeman was God in a movie. That actually happened.

Even Superman wants to be Batman

I really dig this one, and the one below which is classic…

everything is better with Batman 1 I am Batman your argument is invalid meme ALL YOUR ARGUMENTS ARE INVALID!!!

owned bvs batsignal s shield

Yeah I made this one, well not the graphic, the Bane pic was already on the net, I just added the text because I love the Tangerine Knight meme, we are getting to it, so relax already. It will all make sense!

batman motivation death of superman

POW! Right in the funny bone. I remember reading this years ago, and Batman is just perfect on this cover.

batman motivation trophy room daleksbatman shoot your dick off

Pretty random, but also funny in my book.

city mourns death of superhero batman and bruce wayne

i dont get pants nobody gets pants
Art by Cynthia Sousa http://theamat.deviantart.com/

the tangerine master bruceZombie-Batman we are fucked

I am Batman

Probably my favourite Batman meme along with the Tangerine Knight below. “It just say’s ‘I’m Batman.” LOL

The Tangerine Knight

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