batman angry focused determined 1

I asked CHAT GPT for some Batman Haikus, and the results were good enough that I am posting them right here. Please note that all my articles are my own original content, and if I post anything like this again as an experiment, I will mention it in the intro. One should never be a lazy writer, but one should also use all tools in ones Bat utility belt wisely.

Gotham’s dark knight waits, Silent protector at night, Justice never sleeps.

Caped crusader soars, Fearless, vigilant, and strong, Evil meets its end.


Amidst the shadows, Batman strikes fear in their hearts, Hope for the helpless.

Beneath the cowl’s mask, A hero fights for justice, Gotham’s dark defender.

The Bat-Signal shines, A beacon of hope and strength, Batman is on guard.

Batman’s cape billows, As he perches on the edge, Ready to take flight.

batman in lightning storm1 year zero 800

Gotham’s hero stands, Silent guardian of the night, Watching over all.

Bruce Wayne’s alter-ego, Protector of the helpless, Vengeance for the lost.

Batman strikes quickly, His foes are left in dismay, Justice is served well.


A symbol of hope, The Dark Knight rises again, To vanquish evil.

The Batmobile roars, As Batman rushes to save, Gotham City’s fate.

The Joker cackles, But Batman’s calm and focused, Ready for battle.

batman by john romita junior in the rain

A solitary figure, The Caped Crusader stands tall, Defender of good.

The Bat-Signal glows, The night sky is illuminated, Batman responds swiftly.

Gotham’s protector, A legend in black and grey, Forever vigilante

batman face melting



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