Rainbow Batman Punches Just as Hard as Blue Collar Batman!

75th Annivesary Rainbow Batman Pop Vinyl

I was recently in my local video rental store checking out the cool toys and stuff they have there.

While browsing I came across the Pop Vinyl Batman 75th Anniversary Rainbow Batman toys.

The “rainbow” name is a bit nonsense and misleading.

Each toy is ONE colour, not a rainbow, and to confuse things further there was a Rainbow Batman costume design that featured in Detective Comics #241, the same issue with all the crazy coloured Batman suits on the cover. I think an actual Rainbow Batman toy would be pretty cool, it’s just kooky and odd enough that I want to own one. I hope it gets made some day. See for yourself in the this page from Detective Comics #241.

DETECTIVE COMICS 241 Rainbow Batman

I knew the cover of Detective Comics #241 from memory, but until I got home and looked online, I had no idea the pink Batman Pop Vinyl toy I bought was related to that comic.

pink batman lego batman blue batman animated

Then later that week I found online that there were regular sized action figures of the same fruity Batman colours. And of course I bought another pink Batman. The one on the right side of the picture below.

At this point my girlfriend is giving my those funny looks, but I feel quite secure in my own Batmanliness that I feel fine owning not one, but two cool Pink Batman toys.

Batman 75th Anniversary Rainbow Batman 5 colours

The cover in question for Detective Comics #241, 1957 is equally as bizarre today as when it was first released.

I think the iconic cover has arguably become a piece of genuine pop-art. If you google “pink batman” or “rainbow batman” you will find not only those toys I just mentioned, but also blogs and websites that mention this particular cover, and the loopy story inside, which is one of the loopiest Batman stories I have ever read.

DETECTIVE COMICS 241 cover rainbow batman

If this isn’t kooky enough for you, well then I won’t even mention the all white Batman with a target on his chest who reminds me of Marvel’s Bullseye that also features in the same issue, which would also make another cool toy in my opinion.


If you are wondering what the hell is the plot of this crazy Batman story, well that is a topic for another time. I am just going to leave in suspense for now, and a full run down of this nutty as a fruit loop story will wait for another post.

Until then, I will be enjoying my Pink Batman toys, which are pretty damn awesome if you ask me.


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