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PRESERVE LIFE: The Way of the Batman [BAT VALUES ]

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To preserve a life…

What does that REALLY mean?

To the person whose life who is saved, it means EVERYTHING

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One of the Batmans highest values is to preserve life

Batman does not care nor discriminate whose life that may be…

a crooked lawyer
a cop on the beat

a failed psychiatrist

a rogue botanist

a psychotic clown

John and Jane Doe

even heroes need a hand batman captain america

The lives Batman saves he does so as he values all lives,

he values the preservation of life itself.

Every life lost is a personal failure.

Every life lost is the loss of potential, no matter who that person was.

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Nitpickers will say “hey what about dem aliens and robots? He can kill them, right?” – an area where tricky writers like to let Batman break his “no killing” rule which typically applies to human beings.

Here, the value of Life itself trumps any tom foolery from tricky dicky writers. An intelligent innocent alien that is not trying to kill anyone, sure Batman is going to lend a hand rather than fuck him over.

Evil Batman by crishark deviant art

Batman will at times seemingly betray his team mates in the JLA or his bat family of Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl – as he is merciless in his preservation of life.

batman on the run from jla dark knights metal

His win at all costs methodology may or may not be a sound strategy. It may get him beaten, broken, bloody and a little bit dead from time to time. It’s par for the course in the world of comics.

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But Bats is a man of uncompromising principles. Even when Batman is dead wrong due to his own single minded self induced blindness, you have got to respect his values, strength of character and the courage of his conviction.

In Batmans hierarchy of Bat-Values, the Preservation of Life is King among Kings, and any decent Bat-Writer knows it.  It is what elevates him above being a simple mindless thug smashing people in the face because he damn well feels like it.

Every life saved may blend together after a while and seem almost meaningless in the face of overwhelming odds to old Bruce,

…but to that person whose life is saved,

it means the whole damn world to that individual.



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Batman White Lantern by David Finch

Batman White Lantern by Nick Derington

Evil Batman by Crishark on DeviantArt


Long Halloween still from Batman: The Long Halloween animated movie