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My Superhero Tattoos

John Sorensen Superman S Shield Tattoo Logo  5_589x800 Last year I got a Superman S-Shield symbol tattooed on my shoulder.

I know it is a cliche, and I resisted getting it done for for many years.


Because so many other people already had that tatt, it seemed too cliche, too boring, too… BLAH. But then again, Superman is “the guy”.

He stands for good old fashioned values, hope, courage, strength, compassion, apple pie, the best of humanity and all that jazz. Why would I NOT want the symbol of the original and greatest Superhero of all time on my shoulder?

Why would I not want a symbol that implies raw physical power and presence tempered with a heart of compassion and the spirit of a loving saint emblazoned like a cattle brand on the hunk of man meat that is my shoulder?

I’d be crazy not to, right?

I already wear Marvel and DC shirts every day of the week, have framed posters on my wall, more action figures than spaces to put them on, have been reading superhero comics for most of my life and lately my girlfriend has been buying me superhero boxer shorts.

It would be crazy not to get it! Well, I got the “S” shield tatt last year, and I LOVED it, still do.  I turn into Vanity Smurf in front of a mirror every time I see it. I decided after I got the Superman tatt I would HAVE to get a Bat- Tatt to join its brother. Batman is my favourite guy.  Sorry Supes, I love you and all, but are my second favourite.

Superman arrived first in 1938 and about a year later, Batman arrived in 1939. I figured I would follow that tradition, so I got the Superman tattoo first, and want to get a Batman tattoo around a year later.  My aim is to get the Batman symbol (not sure which one yet) on my birthday, which happens to be May 27th.  For those of you who know your Batman history, Batman first appeared in Detective Comics #27, dated May 1939

Detective Comics 27 May 1939 Batman_573x800 But which version of the logo shall I get?   I am undecided so far, there are plenty to choose from. Evolution of Batman Bat Logos At the moment, I am learning towards this version of the logo that some dude happens to be wearing in this photo.  I forget his name.  This version of the logo in the Tshirt below is also similar to the Arkham video game series Bat logo, and I LOVE those games, so that is another vote for that version of the logo. ben-affleck-batman-t-shirt Well, I think this my shortest post ever, if you missed any of the recent articles, check out the archives, I talk about Christian Bale as Batman, Heath Ledger as the Joker, Chris Nolan as…Chris Nolan and the shocking secret of why Batman wears his underwear on the outside.